CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Lisa Macdonald is fighting breast cancer the new way. The 12-year cancer survivor is among the first women in Charlotte to have a 3D mammogram.

The procedure, now being done at Charlotte Radiology, will help doctors get a better look at her breast tissue, and decrease her chances of being called back for a suspicious mammogram.

Cancer is so prevalent. One in eight women gets it. Everyone knows someone who s had breast cancer. That's why those callbacks are so scary, said Macdonald.

Tomosynthesis, or 3D mammography, creates multiple images or slices that step through the breast tissue. It gives radiologists a better picture than the traditional 2D mammogram.

It also allows doctors to differentiate between normal dense breast tissue and cancer, something that was harder to do with 2D mammography. Because of that, many patients will avoid a callback for an additional mammogram.

It will definitely increase the diagnostic accuracy, so picking up invasive cancers hopefully earlier but just seeing them better. They really stand out, said Dr. Laura Danile of Charlotte Radiology.

Danile says Charlotte Radiology is seeing as many as 18 patients a day who are having the new 3D mammogram. Insurance does not cover the procedure yet. The out of pocket cost to patients at Charlotte Radiology is $50.

In addition to Charlotte Radiology, Novant Health Breast Center is also beginning 3D Mammography.

To learn more online or to schedule an appointment at Charlotte Radiology go to To schedule an appointment at Novant Health Breast Center, patients can call 704-384-SCAN.

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