CHERRYVILLE, N.C. -- A Gastonia man is charged with a gruesome murder -- killing his roommate with a hammer then dismembering him Tuesday night. His family says he snapped but that they still support him.

Family members and family photos paint a very different picture of the man they call 'Scotty.'

Lynette Beheler, his cousin, said, He s our master chef. He would cook for all the barbecues.

But Wednesday, 33-year-old Brian Scott Hord was in court, charged with murder.

Police said he used a hammer to kill his roommate, 68-year-old wheelchair bound Richard Gentry, then used a hacksaw to cut the body up and stuff it in plastic bags.

Hord's aunt, Marcia Wright said, When I did see what he d done I got sick. I threw up. I couldn t believe it.

But Wright said Hord was troubled for years leading up to this and had recently separated from his wife.

He just snapped. I wish he hadn t done it, she said, tears filling her eyes. This was out of anger. He killed that man out of anger. There s a reason he was mad at that man.

Another cousin, Nichole McQueary said, It s not him, he s not a monster, he's not a monster. He's a big teddy bear.

They believe his two-year-old son was on his mind when he allegedly tried to hide the body.

He was scared because he loved his son so much, Beheler said.

Hord's cousins and his aunt said they're terrified because he could face the death penalty and want everyone to know they support him.

I m not hear taking up for him 'cause it was wrong what he did, but I m here to let him know I m his family and I am his voice, McQueary said.

A judge ordered Hord held without bond.

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