HOUSTON -- It was a harrowing ordeal for three people in Montrose who woke up to find violent thugs in their bedrooms.

The three men taunted and terrorized them.

The home invasion happened around 12:30 a.m. Monday in the 1600 block of Hawthorne Street, near Westheimer and Dunlavy.

Now the victims are sharing the details because they want the criminals caught.

I was terrified. I was absolutely mortified. It s one of the worst nightmares, fears of being a woman, said Christina.

Christina believes the suspects pried opened a locked door on the first floor of the fourplex.

She was about to fall asleep when she heard footsteps walking toward her bedroom. She then watched her door slowly open and three strangers walk in.

They yelled for me to get out of bed. I started to scream. He said, if I scream, he s going to shoot me, Christina said.

Christina said the three men had bandanas covering their faces and each pointed a gun at her body.

I asked them if they were going to hurt us. He said, I don t know. It depends what you got to give me, Christina said.

The gunmen told Christina that three additional men were waiting outside.

They then forced her down the hall to her roommates bedroom.

I woke up to getting hit in the face with a pistol, said roommate Chris.

Chris was in bed with his girlfriend when the suspects stormed in. The men pistol whipped him over the face and head with force.

I just took the being attacked by a bear approach, just play dead, Chris said. We gave them what they wanted. We didn t freak out.

According to Christina, the criminals repeatedly kicked two dogs because they were barking.

All three victims were tied up with computer wires. They were then taunted with a knife after socks were stuffed in their mouths.

The real life nightmare wasn t over yet.

[One of them] was grabbing my boobs and butt, my front and telling us what they were going to do. They were being very vulgar, Christina said. He said, I m going to let ya ll know which one I m going to take with us tonight.

The thieves stole Chris white Chevy Silverado, Christina s purse, musical equipment, two laptops and all three of the victims cell phones.

The criminals shook Chris hand before they left and pistol whipped him one more time. The suspects then vanished in his truck.

The first thing Chris did was plead for help on Facebook. He wrote, I ve been robbed. They stole our cell phones. Please call 911 , and the post went on to mention the address.

I realize once I posted it on Facebook that any response was going to go right to my phone which they had stolen, Chris said.

The victims didn t know how far the men had gone or if they would come back. They took a chance and ran over to a nearby bar to call police.

Chris returned to the scene of the crime later Monday afternoon with a police escort for protection.

The roommates aren t sure why they were targeted and believe the suspects may have been watching them.

HPD is searching for leads in the case. If you have any information call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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