THE WOODLANDS, Texas -- Jessica Nelms does not have a badge, gun or formal training, but she became a detective instantaneously after being burglarized.

I have kids to protect, Nelms said. I have a home. I have a family.

This 28-year old mom admitted leaving her car unlocked with her purse and keys in the passenger seat.

It just happened to be the night that a thief was working his way through her neighborhood, the Villa Oaks subdivision.

He took the wallet and went for the key, Nelms said. Then he left the purse there and left some papers out and then did whatever he did to the next house.

A deputy took her report but it was information from her bank that made her turn detective.

After she cancelled her debit card, a bank employee told her the exact time and place someone tried to use her card.

A $65 transaction was declined at the adult store called Katz Boutique in the 16 700 block of the North Freeway.

The manager agreed to pull up surveillance video of the incident and she snapped pictures of a man with something in his hand.

I was like that's my card, Nelms said. I was freaking out and then it became so much real to put a face on who did this.

She printed flyers and is posting them around the neighborhood for everyone to see.

I wasn't going to sit back and just let it go away or just think oh my report will go a long way, Nelms said.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's office said they were investigating the case. If you recognize the man in the pictures, call them at 936-760-5800.

Nelms has also learned her lesson about leaving the car door unlocked.

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