HOUSTON Bellaire police are asking for the public s help finding the armed men who robbed a Randall s located at 5130 Bellaire Boulevard.

Police said the two men were hanging around the floral department for about 20 minutes, pretending to look at the flowers.

The gentleman in the blue shirt went behind the service desk, the one in the red shirt served as a look out, said Bellaire Police Department Detective Douglas Clawson.

He said the man gave a cashier a bag and told her to fill it up with cash.

He told her he had a gun and he would use it, said Clawson.

Seconds later, the cashier was forced to the back room, where the safes are. The two men walked out the store with a bag full of cash, then jumped in a black car and took off, police said.

Police said the employee was shaking and crying so much, they had a hard time getting information from her.

Detectives are asking for the public s help identifying the men in the surveillance video.

Police think the same armed men have robbed other grocery stores in Pasadena and southeast Houston.

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