HOUSTON The stepfather of a little boy kidnapped and killed on Christmas Eve 2-and-a-half years ago has testified in the murder trial of Mona Nelson.

The stepfather has been the target of most of the questions and some members of the family said they suspected him from the beginning.

Witnesses on Thursday included a next-door neighbor to 12-year -old Jonathan Foster and the victim s grandmother. Both talked about how they thought the stepdad might have been involved in the boy s disappearance and murder. They said he had been abusive.

The grandmother said she didn t like him from the start and that she originally thought Davis had taken Jonathan.

When the stepdad was called as a witness he said he loved the boy as his own.

Jonathan asked if he could call me dad and I felt honored. I was excited. He was a happy little boy, Davis said.

But the police investigation did not lead them to Davis.

Surveillance video shows him at a bar nearby at the time of the boy s disappearance. He was actively involved in the search for him the afternoon he disappeared, he said.

But the defense tried to punch holes in his story.

Nelson, meanwhile, admitted she disposed of the boy s body, but said she s not the one who killed him.

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