HARRIS COUNTY The residents of the Village of Kings Lake subdivision say they are fed up of all the burglaries.

I woke up around 2:01 (a.m.), saw some tail lights leaving, Walter Moreno, a victim, said.

Moreno watched video from a surveillance camera that s set up in front of his Kings Garden Court home and saw a minivan pull up to his driveway.

I see a guy come up to my driveway, open the door handle and check the rear side of the vehicle and open the tool box, Moreno said.

The suspect somehow got spooked and ran off. Moreno and his roommate took matter into their own hands and gave chase.

We re not sure if he heard us running down the stairs. We chased after him in his truck, and I chased in my truck, Jorge Galvis, the Moreno s roommate, said.

However, Moreno had to stop himself. He doesn t have any headlights on his pickup. His truck was stolen out of his driveway a few weeks ago and was found stripped days later by deputies.

It s been hard, bill to bill, trying to get by in the house, so I can recover the payments and build my truck up at the same time, Moreno said.

Deputies said Village of Kings Lake and surrounding subdivisions have been hit hard by burglars.

Across the way, the Greensbrook subdivision was also hit with at least seven houses burglarized in the last six months.

J.R. Parker was taking out the trash when gunmen forced him back inside of his house.

They tied us up, and he held the gun to my head, Parker said.

Another woman s dog and electronics were stolen from her home. Homeowners moved here for a better quality of life. Something they re not getting.

What goes around will come around. Not that I m going to do it, it s going to come back to you one day, Jasette Simmons, another victim, said.

Deputies don t have an exact description of the suspects. There could be several.

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