KATY, Texas -- Jennifer Smith, a mother of three, said the stand-your-ground laws are an excuse to kill and she wants to make a change in Texas.

It leaves it open to interpretation to what s standing your ground, Smith said.

She recently launched a petition at which calls for changes in Texas.

Currently people can use lethal force to protect themselves and their property; not just at home, but anywhere they have a right to be.

What you shouldn t be able to do is be the person instigating the situation and then after the fact say I was standing my ground, Smith said. Well, why did you instigate the situation?

Smith s petition was inspired by the George Zimmerman verdict.

If you feel there are loopholes, you should work to change them, Smith said.

Elsewhere in Katy, others said the laws should stay the way they are.

I don t think they should be changed, Anthony Ndua said Wednesday at George Bush Park. I want to be able to protect myself if that, you know, specific moment came into hand.

Smith hopes to eventually take the signed petitions to Governor Perry.

I ll go wherever it requires going, Smith said. I just need support and enough people saying we agree.

She stressed she is not against gun ownership, protecting herself or protecting her property. She just does not want to see stand-your-ground laws abused as a legal loophole in the future.

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