HOUSTON -- Peter Cooper got a call from his apartment complex while he was on vacation, and the news was not good.

Burglars had ransacked his apartment, taking among other things four flat screen TVs and other electronics, his vacuum and his .38 pistol.

That s why it s scary to stay in these apartments knowing that these guys are now armed, Cooper said.

Cooper filed a police report, but when he asked the apartment complex about viewing surveillance video that could help track down the thieves, he got an unusual response.

He would have to pay for it.

They have the mobile units, but we have to pay to look at the surveillance? That doesn t make any sense, Cooper said.

When Cooper contacted the mobile security company, he learned it would cost about $90 for every two hours of video.

Since he has no idea when the crooks hit, Cooper estimates it will cost him close to a $1,000.

A manager told KHOU 11 News that residents are responsible for the fee. He also said the complex s corporate office was contacted, to see if they can pay for the surveillance video in this case.

Cooper hopes the complex will ultimately pay for the video.

In the meantime, Cooper is packing up what s left inside his apartment and looking for a new place to live.

I have a 5 year-old girl who is about to start kindergarten, but I can t have my little girl home here and feel safe, Cooper said.

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