HOUSTON The woman who police said fatally shot a man at a southeast Houston gas station Sunday says she never intended to hurt anyone.

The confrontation occurred Sunday evening at the Gulf station located on Cullen Boulevard near Yellowstone in southeast Houston.

Surveillance video shows a woman retrieving a rifle from the trunk of her car and pointing it toward the ground near a man armed with an umbrella and a pocket knife. Then it shows the man swinging at the woman as she steps back and fires the weapon.

58-year-old Louis Daniel was pronounced dead at the scene.

I m very hurt and I never meant for anything like this to go on, said Shanequia McDonald. I just went to the gas station to get gas. I didn t go to hurt or harm anyone and I was just protecting myself.

McDonald said Daniel was making sexual advances toward her and cursing her out.

But what happened after the shooting captured on video caused some witnesses to ask questions.

McDonald can be seen grabbing her cell phone and taking a picture of Daniel.

Activist Quanell X said McDonald was gathering evidence.

She took out her phone to take a picture of the knife he had in his hand so no one would say he didn t attempt to harm her, stab her, cut her and that she did not do this in self defense.

He also claimed the reason she left the station before police could arrive was because she felt threatened by the other men who had been sitting with Daniel when the confrontation began.

Authorities have referred the case to a grand jury.

McDonald is expected to testify.

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