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HOUSTON -- Ex-NFL quarterback Vince Young got quite a wake-up call Monday morning -- from Harris County deputy constables armed with court papers to enforce a $1.7 million judgment against him.

KHOU 11 News has confirmed three constables with Harris County Precinct 5 visited his home in the 12000 block of Legend Manor in Southwest Houston. They took an inventory of his possessions furniture, jewelry, artwork, to tally up how much it s all worth.

The former University of Texas star is allowed to keep $60,000 in personal property off the table as exemptions, but the rest could go up for sale at public auction to satisfy that court judgment.

The $1.7 million was from a high-risk loan Young took out during the 2011 NFL lockout from the New-York firm Pro Player Funding.

Young defaulted on the loan, Pro-Player took him to court, and obtained a judgment in July 2012. But ever since, Young has been fighting the judgment, claiming he didn't know what he was signing and was duped by his former financial advisor Ronnie Peoples.

Trey Dolezal, Young s attorney, called the constables visit gorilla tactics by opposing attorneys, and tried to get a temporary restraining order to stop them. Harris County judge Dan Hinde denied that motion Tuesday afternoon.

Sean Bellew, attorney for Pro Player Funding, said they were well within their rights, and pursued this avenue as a last resort after spending a year chasing Young for the money he owes.

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