SAN ANTONIO -- A pack of dogs is terrorizing an East side neighborhood, scaring neighbors back into their homes -- Renee Watson is one of those neighbors. She now faces thousands of dollars worth of damage to her vehicle.

San Antonio Police are calling it vandalism and said dogs are to blame.

They examined the hood and two side-panels, and you can see the scratches and paws all over the car, said Watson. The bumper on her red BMW had been mauled and chewed up, with pieces of it lying on the ground.

I couldn't believe it I'm in shock, Watson said.

The dogs have been spotted at a park at the end of Marmok Street where Watson lives. Now those living in the Willow Park subdivision are on edge and feel it's only a matter of time before someone gets hurt.

If they're going to attack property like this, there's no telling what they will do to people who are hiding animals they are after, said Wray Hood, the Willow Park Neighborhood Association President.

The stray dogs have been reported to SAPD and Bexar County Animal Control Services. Both agencies are investigating the matter.

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