HOUSTON A Houston woman was thrilled when her husband surprised her with a pair of expensive Christian Louboutin shoes for her birthday.

The shoes with the famous red soles range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand.

Needless to say, the birthday girl wasn't happy to learnthepair she ordered were fake.

Farah Nasser said her husband took her to Neiman Marcus to pick out her very first pair. They didn t have the style she wanted, so she went home andordered them online.

When I opened the box, I got the completely wrong shoes, Nasser said. I ordered a patent leather and what I got was a regular leather really, really high-heeled shoe.

Nasser said she took the shoes to Neiman Marcus in The Galleria to exchange them, and that s when she realized she had a much bigger problem.

She said, These are not our shoes, Nasser said. And when the manager came, he said, These are fake, these are not Christian Louboutins.

Farah said she was shocked that a reputable store would send her fake shoes.

They had the red bottom, they had Christian Louboutin, Nasser said. I don t own any, so I don t know what s fake, what s real.

But she was even more disappointed by the customer service.

So you re telling me I put in some wrong shoes and I m giving them back to you? Nasser asked the manager. And he looks at me, nods, hands me my shoes and puts the receipt in the box.

Farah contacted the company s online site again.

She calls back and says, We are so sorry about this, but the shoes were fake, Nasser said.

Farah said she was given no other explanation about how it happened, but she was eventually reimbursed for the shoes and given a $50 gift card.

A spokesperson for Neiman Marcus told us the Louboutins sold online and in stores come directly from the designer, and that she had never heard of an incident of a customer receiving fake shoes.

The store is looking into the matter.

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