COLLEGE STATION, Texas -- Several photos have surfaced of Texas A&M Fish Camp Counselors in suggestive poses at the university's Bonfire Memorial.

The photos first appeared on and the reaction from some has been of outrage and disappointment.

It's tradition for counselors to take photos prior to the start of fish camp, an orientation camp for new students.

Where they took them though, is what's angering many.

The Bonfire Memorial was built in honor of the 12 students who died in the 1999 collapse. It's where thousands come to reflect on the tragedy and remember those killed.

KBTX in Bryan-College Station took a look at why so many people are now ticked off.

While people are expressing outrage and disgust online, in person the people we spoke with are offering a little bit more forgiveness saying they think the actions of these students was a huge mistake and that an apology should be enough.

And this is what's causing the controversy: Fish Camp Counselors are seen standing in the Bonfire Memorial portals. Some in provocative or racy poses, others grinning and posing like college kids.

Several students spoke with KBTX off camera saying they think this is just a bad decision. Other comments online haven't been as forgiving.

But the consensus seems to be it was an inappropriate location to take them.

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