BOISE -- Zoo Boise is welcoming two baby snow leopards to their animal family. These are the first snow leopard cubs ever to be born in Boise.

The cubs, one boy and one girl, were born a month ago to parents Kabita and Tashi, but aren't being shown on exhibit yet.

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Zoo officials say the babies need time to grow and develop before they slowly make their way out of the den. But officials also say visitors may catch a quick glimpse of the cubs as they begin exploring outside.

The newest cubs are a crowning achievement for Zoo Boise and the snow leopard conservation, since parents Tashi and Kabita were paired as part of the Snow Leopard Species Survival Plan.

This cub pair is also joining a crew of new baby animals at the zoo. In the last two months, a mangabey monkey, porcupettes, skunks, and kittens have been born at Zoo Boise.

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