HURST, Texas -- A toddler has died after being hit by a car in a Hurst apartment parking lot over the weekend.

Lawrence Walker, 2, died late Sunday night at Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth, the day after a driver clipped him as he rode a tricycle.

The details surrounding the Saturday evening incident are bizarre, according to witnesses at The Gables of Notting Hill Apartments at 601 Brown Trail.

The driver hit him; then stopped and talked with someone; and then just sped off, said Zach Carr, who lives in the apartment unit closest to where the accident occurred.

Hurst police spokesman Sgt. Craig Teague confirmed the driver has not been arrested or charged, and that he left the scene before any emergency crews arrived.

He obviously didn't want to talk to officers on Saturday night, so we'll be asking those questions as to why that occurred, Teague said.

Teague added that the driver did have a brief conversation with one of the parents of the mortally wounded child.

How or why Lawrence Walker was in the parking lot or the exact details leading up to the accident are still being investigated. Neighbors said the offender's car was playing extremely loud music in the minutes leading up to the accident, just around 9:30 p.m.

Teague said investigators know who the driver is, and the vehicle he was in at the time of the incident. He said police are tracking the man down to interview him before deciding whether to press any criminal charges.

When they catch this guy, they're looking at multiple felonies, said Carr, reflecting on the tragic scene he witnessed on Saturday night. Ihope they get him.

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