HOUSTON Some River Oaks residents had a rude awakening Wednesday when they discovered their vehicles had been broken into.

Someone busted windows and ransacked cars and trucks parked at The Westheimer near Westheimer and South Shepherd.

Got up to go to work at this morning and my passenger window had been broken out, my truck had been ransacked, said Sylvia Benavidez

Her daughter is paying almost $1500 a month to live in the upscale apartments.

It s a very nice area. That s why my daughter moved here less than a month ago Benavidez said.

Benavidez s truck wasn t the only one hit.

Totally, there is about four to five different cars with windows broken, she said.

Randee Brookins and her husband just moved here from California.

I woke up this morning to go to work and glass everywhere. I was like, Oh dang, what do I do? Randee said.

What s really mind boggling, nothing was missing from the cars.

We just moved, so all my boxes and all my stuff is packed, my computer and stuff, and nothing was stolen, Brookins said.

First thing I thought of was, Oh, they took the computer. And I look in the back, and it s still sitting there so I really don t know what they were looking for said Benavidez

Residents are trying to figure out if the suspects were trying to steal a car with a set of plastic keys.

The other resident said that there were some spare keys that didn t belong to the car. There were spare keys stuck in her ignition, said Benavidez.

Police say other apartment complexes have been hit recently as well. Owners are advised not to leave valuables in their vehicles to discourage potential thieves.

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