HOUSTON - Facebook is planning a big press conference for Thursday, but the announcement may have nothing to do with Facebook.

Instead, TechCrunch reports the company is preparing to launch new features on its Instagram photo-sharing app. The word is Instagram will soon support video clips in a functionality meant to compete with the already-popular Vine.

Vine is a free app, from Twitter, that lets you post 6-second videos. It sounds silly, but some of the more creative Vine posters are fun to keep an eye on.

It only makes sense Facebook would want to compete with Vine. Not long ago, Twitter made it where Instagram posts are no longer embedded within tweets. And Facebook last week launched Twitter-like hashtags on its social network.

Long story short: the competition between the two is heating up.

TechCrunch says the rumors about video on Instagram could just be Facebook's way to distract from a bigger announcement to come on Thursday. We ll just have to wait and see.

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