HOUSTON A teenager driving a van was shot and killed Tuesday outside an apartment complex in northwest Houston.

Police said the boy ended up running into a sign outside the apartment complex located near the intersection of Cedar Post Lane and Westview.

The teen's mother was in the passenger seat when the shooting happened. They had just dropped off his girlfriend.

His mother said one guy walked up and began talking with him and then another individual came up and started shooting.

Police said the teenager managed to put the car in reverse and ended up doing a donut before it stopped next to a tree.

He died on the spot.

Homicide detectives said the shooting is gang related.

The teenager s mother said he was in a bad crowd and that she knew something bad was going to happen.

We heard the gun go off, and then the police rushing over here, said Paula Canavero. The world has gone mad. I don t understand why there is so much violence going on, and they just need to stop.

Classmates said the teenager was a senior at Spring Woods High School and was set to graduate on Saturday.

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