HOUSTON Justin Timberlake has nothing to worry about, but a renowned Republican activist who s a major player in Houston politics has set his message to music.

Conservative kingmaker Steven Hotze, who just filed a lawsuit trying to block implementation of Obamacare, dreamed up a novel way of drumming up some media attention for his litigation. He recorded two anti-Obama songs comparing his fight against the president s health care plan to the defenders of the Alamo.

Set to a techno beat with autotune harmonizing, Hotze s free-verse lyrics assert his determination to beat back the tide of socialized medicine.

We will defeat Obama and the socialists, he sings. Texans will rise. And they love liberty. They love life.

If you re imagining Hotze standing before a microphone inside a multi-track music studio, think again. As it turns out, there s an app for this.

Hotze didn t actually sing his lyrics, he improvised them as he spoke into his iPhone and the Songify app set them to a beat.

I just said what our lawsuit was going to do and pressed a button, Hotze said. And it turned it into a musical song. And it didn t take five minutes.

The GOP activist then circulated copies of the songs via email. Soon enough, they popped up on The Texas Tribune s widely read website focusing on state politics.

Some people absolutely love it and think it s the most fabulous thing that I ve ever done, Hotze said. Other people go, like, You re crazy to do that. Why would you do that? Don t let anybody hear that!

Listen to the songs and you ll understand why some of his friends warned him. His lyrics don t rhyme and nobody will confuse his voice with Sinatra s. Hotze said even his political consultant, GOP strategist Allen Blakemore, thought it was a lousy idea at least, at first.

But the attention it s attracting has brought more exposure to Hotze s legal challenge against Obamacare. So even though his singing debut will never hit the charts, as a publicity stunt it worked.

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