HOUSTON -- It was a frightening moment Wednesday for a 21-year-old woman and her 6-month-old nephew.

I m scared and nervous. I've never been through this before, said the victim, who only wanted to go by Lauren.

Lauren was watching her nephew at her aunt and uncles home on Brunswick crossing lane. It was around 10 a.m. when there was a knock at the door.

Someone was beating around the door. I called my aunt and uncle and asked if they were expecting anyone. They said no, said Lauren.

Just moments later, the two suspects were kicking in the front door.

I called the cops. I heard them trying to open the door. I got the baby. I locked the room door and hid in the closet, said Lauren.

She hid in the closet with the baby in her arms. During the entire time, she was telling deputies what she was hearing.

I was on the phone with dispatch, and she was asking all these questions, and I told her hurry up because I had the baby, and I was scared, said Lauren.

Lauren and the infant hid for about 15 minutes until deputies arrived. She waited until she heard a familiar voice.

I didn't know if they left or not. The only way is when the cops came and got me, said Lauren.

Lauren told us she wasn't going to come out of the closet or take any chances with her precious little nephew.

The baby, he's a baby. I was scared; he doesn't know what to do. I was just really hoping the cops would hurry up because I was scared. He wasn't crying. He was brave. I was crying. He was brave.

Lauren couldn't get a good description of the suspects because she was so nervous.

Why would you want to break into someone's house? They own it, why would you want to take it? People were in danger, said Lauren.

Deputies don't have a good description of the suspects. Witnesses told them they saw a green and silver bottom getaway car. The suspects weren't able to get away with anything. They got spooked once they heard the alarm in the house go off.

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