BRYAN, Texas There are now five confirmed cases of E. coli in Brazos County, along with three pending ones. Health officials are calling it a mild outbreak.

It is still not known how the victims were infected.

Two young brothers are receiving around the clock care at Texas Children s Hospital in Houston.

Relatives have identified them as 18-month-old Noah Melton and 4-year-old Jack Melton.

The other three patients have recovered.

Doctors are on a dire mission to find the source of their illness.

It s incredibly crucial to find out if there s a particular source where it s coming from so that it can be stopped, said Dr. Jeffrey Starke, Director of Infection Control.

E. coli is spread through contaminated produce, meat and even water.

At the Farm Patch market in Bryan Wednesday, the level of concern depended on who you asked.

I m going to be careful... avoid the green, leafy vegetables until they figure out where it s coming from, Shopper Lillian Vintonsaid.

Brenda Glowski said she was not worried.

As long as we wash our hands and use soap, she said, I think that would keep it under control.

Health officials say this particular strain of E. coli attacks the kidneys and it can be fatal.

Officials say the symptoms first surfaced last week and included dehydration and diarrhea.

As for the Melton brothers, doctors upgraded their conditions from critical to fair Wednesday. Their parents say they are now praying for a full recovery.

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