HOUSTON -- Police are investigating a deadly shooting in northeast Houston Monday afternoon.

Houston police said a man called them saying that he shot and killed someone on his property in the 4000 block of Langley.

He heard somebody in the back rustling around among the vehicles he has parked back there. And, he saw someone come out from between two vehicles and he discharged, said Houston police Sgt. Robert Torres.

Police said Adam Anderson, Jr., 63, fired at an unidentified man with his 22-caliber rifle striking him at least once. The man died at the scene.

Police said Anderson doesn t live on the property full time, but does stay there on occasion.

Officials said Monday wasn t the first time they've been called to Anderson s property on reports of a weapon being discharged. Police did say this was the first time anyone had been injured, let alone killed.

Anderson was briefly handcuffed, but was not taken into custody.

A grand jury will now decide if he was within his rights to shoot and kill the apparent tresspasser.

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