HOUSTON - A 26-year-old woman is clinging to life after police said her ex-boyfriend shot her in the head early Saturday afternoon in front of her east Houston home.

All the family wanted was to move into a new home, but now their daughter, Jeannette Ochoa, is in critical condition.

Doctors at Ben Taub Hospital are treading very lightly. They operated on the victim for about six hours on Saturday. Family members are by her side hoping she pulls through.

When I heard her scream, that s when I put my kids inside. I closed the window, Karla Sanchez, a witness, said.

The victim s mother and her daughter were moving into their home at about 12:30 p.m. on Hagerman Street when the shooting occurred, police said. While they were in the middle of unloading boxes, the suspect walked up to the daughter and shot her at least once, hitting her in the head.

I saw a tall guy, go that way with a red shirt, go that way, Nick Gomez, a witness, said.

Neighbors said they were ducking for cover after they hearing the three shots.

Totally scared me to death, so I told Nick here to get to cover, and went in the house in case there were any further shots, Jerry Jones, neighbor, said.

Witnesses told Houston police that the suspect jumped back into his truck and drove away.

Police are calling the gunman bold, because the Harris County Precinct 6 Constable s Office is right around the corner.

I m surprised, because the cops are real close to here, Sanchez said.

Neighbors are not taking any chances, and they are keeping loved ones indoors until the suspect gets caught.

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