BEAUMONT -- The man who opened fire at Bush Intercontinental Airport Thursday afternoon was described as a very quiet man by neighbors in Beaumont.

Twenty-nine-year-old Carnell Marcus Moore lived in a simple wood frame home, next door to his sister.

When asked if her brother was fighting any kind of depression, Carla Moore said, No. No more than any of us in this crazy world, he wasn t depressed.

A beauty shop, Anointed Hands, sits one door down. Ladies here were stunned by the news of the airport shooting and by Moore s Facebook postings made the day before his death.

This life will crash tomorrow, Jada Jones said as she read the Facebook postings aloud. I recently had a chance to stare death in the face and she was beautiful.

That s very surprising, said beauty shop owner Marietta Kidd. Something like it was planned, how it looks like on there.

Family and neighbors were in disbelief that Marcus went to Bush airport s Terminal B Thursday afternoon armed with at least two weapons.

Airport Bartender Eva Oliver was in disbelief too.

I heard a gunshot. I said, This can t be real. I turned around I saw a guy right here aiming, described Oliver. I heard people around me saying, Please God, don t let me die. Don t let me die.

In the end, Carnell Marcus Moore killed himself and no one else was injured.

Even those who were in the airport who heard those shots, this is not the man that we know... very soft spoken you would ve thought he was a choir boy, said neighbor Byron Collier.

Authorities said Moore left behind a suicide note talking about not being able to control the monster inside and that he would let cops take care of things. One officer called it a classic suicide by cop scenario.

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