SAN ANTONIO -- A new ruling means exotic dancers in San Antonio will have to wear bikini tops. And a local lingerie shop operator says that's going to mean less money for dancers who are struggling to make ends meet.

Carrie owns Secrets Boutique on Wurzbach Parkway, and she says making dancers wear bikinis on stage will mean less money in their paychecks.

Carrie has dressed local erotic dancers since 1983, and she said the city's law that bans pasties will harm the local industry and have a snowball effect on tax revenue from liquor sales.

(Those are) the taxes that we need for our schools, Carrie said.

Another dancer asked why customers would want to see someone dancing in a bikini.

Why do they want to go to a strip club to see a girl in a bikini when they can go to the pool to see that? she said.

She's drowning in debt and fears the law will break her. She's considering fleeing to Dallas or Austin to dance for dollars.

A lot of people are just going to relocate, she said.

But the city says covering up will help curb crime and violence spawned by sexually oriented businesses. The clubs fought back and sought an injunction to stop enforcement of the rules.

The city's goal of lowering crime all sounds magnificent, said Jame Deegear, a local attorney who has represented local strip clubs in past battles with the city.

Today, it's pasties, Deegear said. Tomorrow, it's burkas.

These girls are using this money to put themselves through school, Carrie said. Your bartenders are going to be affected, your waiters are going to be affected, and your deejays.

On Monday, a U.S. District Court judge sided with the city by denying the request of local strip clubs to prohibit the city's enforcement.

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