HOUSTON A family s kindness backfired after a homeless man they allowed to live with them turned violent when he was asked to leave, according to the Houston Police Department.

Ba Diep Tran, 42, was charged with stalking.

A woman said she allowed Tran to move in with her family in 2010 because he had nowhere to stay and since they were from the same country, she felt compelled to help him. That all changed when he became aggressive, forcing her to ask him to move out.

Tran was arrested after he struck her husband in the face and body, according to court documents. He was convicted and received a 30-day sentence for that offense.

Afterhewas released, he continued to get into trouble.

Investigators said he kidnapped a woman who resided in a halfway house in 2011 and sexually assaulted her. He was convicted of that offense in March 2012 and received a two-year prison sentence.

After serving some time, he was released and allowed to move back in with the couple and their children, but things went south again.

While doing odd jobs around the house on April 3, 2013, Tran got into a verbal altercation with the husband and wife. When they asked him to leave, he threatened to slice the husband s throat, according to documents. Police arrived and ordered him to leave, warning him not to return or he would be charged with trespassing.

Investigators said Tran returned to the home on April 9 and asked the woman to leave her husband for him. When she refused, he allegedly said that he would hire two black men to come to their house and kill them. The couple immediately filed a police report.

Then on April 10, Tran allegedly returned to the house and began yelling I will kill you, then went to the breaker box and shut off the power. He then bust out all the windows in the home and fled the scene.

The couple filed another police report and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

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