HOUSTON Students, staff and faculty on the University of Houston campus are on high alert after an armed suspect held up a two students at their apartment late Saturday, according to UH campus police.

Police said a man armed with a black, semi-automatic gun knocked on the door of an apartment at Cambridge Oaks IN THE 4400 BLOCK OF Cullen Blvd at Wheeler around 9:30 p.m. When the resident opened, the suspect pointed the gun at his face and told him to get back inside the apartment. The suspect followed the frightened resident into the unit, then went into the bedroom where another roommate was studying. The suspect told both residents to hand over their wallets, and to remain still until he left or be shot.

The roommates then heard the suspect rummaging through another bedroom in the apartment before finally leaving.

The suspect is said to have a light complexion, has a medium build and stands about 5 feet tall. He was wearing a red jacket and black pants at the time of the offense. There were three additional suspects, but no descriptions of them were available, police said.

The University of Houston issued the following safety tips:

  • Confrontations can occur without provocation, through no fault of your own. When such confrontations do occur, there are some actions you can take:
  • Be Alert!
  • Be cautious when approached by an unknown person on the street, even the nicest person can have ill intent.
  • Remain as calm as possible. Your own initiative and clear thinking are your best defenses.
  • The University has more than 70 Emergency call boxes placed strategically around campus, use them! The call goes directly to the UHDPS Dispatch Center.
  • Report the incident. Call the police immediately and report what has happened. Call (713) 743-3333 or 911.
  • Do not walk alone, if at all possible walk in groups.
  • Try to notice details. This can allow you to provide the police with detailed physical and clothing descriptions of the person(s) involved.
  • If a vehicle is involved, try to note the vehicle s license plate number or the vehicle s manufacturer, model and color or any other identifying features.
  • All faculty, staff and students are encouraged to be alert and to be cautious of their surroundings on and away from campus.
  • In any emergency situation, or if you see suspicious activity, call 9-1-1.

This is the fifth alert the campus has sent out since November.

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