ANGLETON -- April 10 is Go Blue Day for child abuse prevention. It's recognized around the nation.

Wednesday morning in front of the Brazoria County Courthouse, there were 488 pinwheels lined up in rows. The wind was strong and they were spinning grabbing the attention of many, and that was the plan.

And while the spinners made people driving or walking by pay attention, nothing made more of an impact about child abuse than the presence of Levi Murray and his mom, Lesly.

I didn't start talking about my story until a couple of years ago. It was hard to talk about it, said Lesly Murray.

What's hard for her is talking about Levi's father who shook him when he was just 5 months old. Levi was permanently injured.

It left him with cerebral palsy and epilepsy, Murray said.

Levi is now 14. He can't talk or walk, and has seizures. Just two weeks ago, he had to be rushed to the hospital and spent time in intensive care, but he pulled through.

Levi's father was found guilty and spent three months in prison. Levi and his mom don't communicate with him anymore. He lives out of state and has more children.

What angers me is that Levi is about to turn 15 and doesn't get to play baseball or do other things that kids his age can do. I feel he got robbed of his childhood, Murray said.

What's called Shaken Baby Syndrome is getting more attention by officials in hospitals and at law enforcement agencies. Together, they are catching more abuse cases that used to be labeled as accidents.

We hear about accidents very, very often, said Brazoria County Sheriff Charles Wagner.

Sheriff Wagner said investigators and doctors recently looked back at an old child death case.

We got with doctors and said no, this was intentional and we brought it before a grand jury, and the grand jury has indicted the suspect, said Sheriff Wagner.

Lesly Murray decided to become a case worker for CPS. She said it's her therapy and a chance to protect other children in the future. While at work she has visited with other families who often say 'you don't understand,' but she does.

On the front lawn of the courthouse the pinwheels kept spinning on Wednesday. Each represented a confirmed 2012 child abuse case in Brazoria County. There were 488. Two of those children died.

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