HOUSTON A student who witnessed the stabbing attacks Tuesday at Lone Star College Cy-Fair quickly responded by helping the victims.

Twelve people were rushed to area hospitals afterthe attacks, which happenedaround 11 a.m.on the northwest Harris County campusin the 9900 block of Barker Cypress.

Melody Vinton was leaving her chemistry class when the attacker ran past her.

She said she saw him stabbing people, one after another, always aiming for the neck or face. I turned around and there was just blood. Just blood dripping down the stairs, all over the floor, all over everyone s towels on their necks, she said. Just a lot of blood.

Then she became one of the first responders helping two of the victims, including a young man they found bleeding profusely just outside a bathroom door. They couldn t get enough towels out of the paper towel dispenser so she and another woman tore it off the wall to get to the entire paper roll, using the towels to keep pressure on the man s neck to try to stop the bleeding.

I think it would have been easier if I hadn t seen him running around stabbing people, Vinton said.

Maybe it would have been easier if I was just taking care of them afterward. But just to see a human do that. There s no humanity in that, just to see another human being do that was more traumatic than anything.

Vinton helped treat two of the victims and then got interviewed by police.

It s just really sad what people can come up with I guess, she said. After talking to police Vinton went home to wash the blood out of her hands, hair, and clothes.

She said all she wanted to do was hug her three young children.

You don t want to ever see a person do that to other people . And just so many people that have moms and dads and children, you don t want to see that, she said.

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