SUGAR LAND, Texas -- Sugar Land police shot and killed a man after they said he pointed a rifle at officers.

According to family members, Sean Isensee, 31, had mental health problems.

He had been sick for 13 years, he has been gettting treatment but it has been very dificult, said the suspect's father, Ted Isensee. He had to deal with it everyday.

Isensee was in the process of moving into his parent's home on Lakefield Drive. Accoridng to his father, he had been assaulted two weeks ago in Houston and had surgery for his injuries.

Sunday, Isensee's father says his son said he was in pain and needed doctors to give him medication. When the doctors refused, Isensee's father says his son became angry and suicidal.

Later at the family home, Isensee turned his anger toward his parents. During an argument, his father said Isensee threatenedhim with a rock and a hatchet.

He was being very threatening, he wanted us to give him the keys to get his rifle, said Isensee's father. I thought at this point that we needed to call for help.

Isensee's parents went outside and their son barricaded himself inside the house.

When police ordered him to come out, officers say he came out with a rifle.

I heard them tell him he needed to put the gun down, put the gun down, said Isensee's father. I heard my son say something and then 2 shots rang out.

Isensee says his son was normally a loving person, but his mental illness made his mood change quick.

He long suffered from bi-polar disorder and general anxiety disorder.

Isensee's father says he' s not sure if his son really wanted to shoot the police officers but says he understands why they needed to open fire.

A this point, I'm not blaming the police, said Isensee's father.

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