FORT BEND COUNTY -- A family s frightening moments were caught on camera when a burglar broke into their home and their cars while everyone was asleep.

But thanks to their eight surveillance cameras, they have a pretty clear picture of the suspect.

After someone walked into their house a few months ago in the Village of Oak Lake subdivision near Sugar Land, the Contreras family decided to get surveillance cameras that they hoped they would never need.

However, early Friday morning, the cameras caught someone in the act.

It feels like somebody violated you, said Pam Contreras. Being in your personal space and taking advantage of stuff that belongs to somebody else.

A thief can be seen getting into one of their vehicles. He stole a single check from a checkbook and found a spare key for the second car he got into.

The video showed the suspect rummaging through the second car. He took a GPS system out of that one.

The Contreras family believes he picked the lock on their front door and had one foot in when their alarm scared him off.

If you recognize the man in the video, call the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office at 281-341-4735.

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