SUGAR LAND -- Have you ever heard of cat beds made of computer monitors? Well, an 11-year-old from Sugar Land makes them.

These are my cat beds, said Shayden Johnson. I sell them for $20 each.

Her mom collects old computer monitors and scoops out the wires inside.

I have to wash it down and then I'll take it outside and spray paint it and then while it's drying, I'll come in here and make the pillow, Johnson said. I'll go back out there and make the second coat and when it's done drying, I'll come back in here and decorate it with all my stickers and my bling.

The fifth grader got the idea off the Internet. Another outfit was in business selling computer monitor cat beds.

They were selling them for over $100, Johnson said. But she isn't trying to make a lot of money. She wants to give some away.

Johnson gives her proceeds, as well as supplies she s able to purchase, to the Rosenberg Animal Shelter.

These two women there need help on donations and stuff like that because they have to pay for all the animals there, so I decided to help them out by giving them all my money so they can buy the food, litter and everything that they need, Johnson said.

I think Shayden is a shining example of what children can do, said Jackie Jurasek, supervisor of Rosenberg Animal Control. The saying, I'm a little kid and I can't do anything is just not an excuse anymore. Shayden's proved that.

Johnson feels donating supplies and money from her low-priced custom cat beds is the least she can do. But, it s not the only thing she can do. She recently got her parents' permission to adopt a dog from the shelter.

Giving a dog a home and making homes for cats are both big jobs for an 11-year-old who is on a mission.

To contact Shayden about getting a cat bed, visit to her Facebook page.

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