FORT WORTH -- Multiple rescues of the same man have authorities in several counties wondering if it's more than bad luck.

Fort Worth firefighters rescued 26-year-old Jeff Curry in January. He toldWFAA, our sisterstation in Dallas,at the time he fell into a ravine, and waited more than an hour to be found.

Glad I didn't land on my head, he told us. Y'all could be at a funeral.

Just one month later, rescuers airlifted him from Wise County for a fall from a bridge. Authorities say he's been flown to hospitals for three more accidents -- so much flying that an emergency helicopter pilot recognized him earlier this month.

We found Curry Thursday living in a motel on Camp Bowie Boulevard in Fort Worth. He said he can't remember the car that hit him near Azle this month, but clearly recalls snakes that bit him in Jack and Young counties.

Rattlesnake tagged me on the leg, he said. I reached down to grab it. It got me on top of the hand, too.

Curry said photos and fang marks prove he's telling the truth. There are small, round scars on top of his hand. And a photo on his cellphone shows a badly-swollen hand.

But suspicion is rising that Jeff Curry is more than snakebit. He's also called MedStar several dozen times.

Numerous, numerous, numerous times over the course of the last two years, said MedStar's Matt Zavadsky. And almost half since October of this year.

Zavadsky said MedStar has received no payments for dozens of hospital trips, at about $1,500 per ride.

Curry said he doesn't recall dozens of trips, but says there were some, from the snake bites and appendectomy and stuff. I had some complications after the appendectomy.

Curry admits he served some jail time a couple years ago for bouncing checks. He said he calls 911 because he doesn't have any other way to get to a doctor.

I don't have a vehicle, he told us. If I get hurt, this is the only way I can get around.

MedStar spokesman Zavadsky said abuse of the system drives up costs for all of us. And often, patients receive powerful painkillers for trauma complaints.

We're going to work with him to try to figure out a better way to get him health care, Zavadsky said. MedStar offers programs for frequent users.

For his part, Jeff Curry is emphatic that he hasn't faked any injuries.


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