CONROE -- As the night cooled down Tuesday, so too did the trail of a fugitive.

Forty-year-old Britt Chadvum Privatte escaped on March 17 from a jail in Montgomery County. Investigators received a tip earlier Tuesday that he had been seen for the second time in more than a week.

Last time, it was in a recreation area. This time it was in the River Plantation neighborhood.

The Montgomery County deputy constables, the Montgomery Sheriff s Department and the Conroe Police Department scoured thick woods for any sign of him.

They also warned residents along the way, including Matt Hall, to be on the lookout.

You just try to look out for your neighbors, and you try to look out for the children, Hall said. Whoever is in your immediate area.

Hall said he personally suspects Privatte moved on, but investigators cannot be so sure.

He escaped from jail after they believe inmates gave him a boost over a wall. It is unclear if anyone else may be helping him on the outside.

Privatte is linked to bank robberies in Montgomery, Harris and Fort Bend counties; yet, residents are not allowing any of that to scare them.

I have security cameras and I always love the Texas castle law, Hall said. That s the best you can do. And you lock all your doors and close all your blinds.

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