HOUSTON Two men who were on a Walmart robbery spree this month were tracked down and charged with the crimes, according to Harris County Sheriff s deputies.

Jayrie Ugene Morehead, 35, and Eugene Bradshaw, 22, were charged with robbery.

Investigators said on March 4, a suspect walked up to a customer service clerk at the Walmart in the 1300 block of North Fry Road and demanded money from the register. The suspect told the clerk he had a pistol in his pocket and would shoot if she did not comply. The clerk gave the suspect an unknown amount of cash, in fear for her life. The suspect then fled the scene with another suspect who was standing in the background and acting as lookout. Both suspects hopped into the same vehicle in the parking lot.

On March 8, investigators said the same two suspects hit another Walmart on North Fry Road, this one in the 6000 block. A suspect walked into the Money Exchange department of the store, said he had a gun in his pocket and threatened to shoot if the clerk did not hand over money. The clerkgave the suspectabout $800 andhe fled the scene, once again, with a person standing in the background serving as lookout.

Then on March 14, the Walmart on Eldridge Parkway was robbed. Investigators learned that the suspects got away in a silver Cadillac and was given the license plate number. Investigators tracked the vehicle down to the owner, who claimed that he loaned his vehicle to Bradshaw. He said Bradshaw also had a friend with him, a man only known as Taj, and he was missing a front tooth.

When investigators went to Bradshaw s home, they found him and another man.

The other man was wearing the same earrings, gold-trimmed sunglasses and tennis shoes as seen in a surveillance video, and investigators also noticed he was missing a tooth. Taj was then identified as Jayrie Morehead.

Charges were then filed against Bradshaw and Morehead.

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