TEXAS CITY -- Texas City police said they busted a brazen burglary ring.

Officials said Jon Michael Miranda, 21, was part of a ring the burglarized at least 16 homes in Texas City starting back in January.

When he was arrested in Galveston County on unrelated charges, authorities said Miranda told them about the crime ring that targeted houses with lax security.

A criminal will take advantage of any easy mark, said Texas City Police Chief Robert Burby. They're not going to work hard and if they see something there for the taking they will most likely take it.

Also taken into custody was Marlessa Renice Saldana, 25.

Police said neither Saldana nor Miranda is the ring leader. They are looking to bring in the person they believe is. They could also bring in a fourth suspect.

Police said they recovered thousands in loot that had already been sold on the street.

Once our investigation is complete, said Det. Melencil Villarreal with the Texas City Police Department. We'll release the property to the victims.

Police said the lesson here is don't make your house an easy target.

Saldana's bond is $80,000, while Miranda's is $180,000.

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