HOUSTON -- Less than 24 hours after the raid of a Houston nightclub, the placewas back in business Wednesday night.

Living in the shadow of Club Fetish, neighbors claim to see an endless amount of illegal activity; and, after what police found, they question how this place is still able to open its doors.

To neighbors the exclusive footage KHOU 11 News captured revealed the reality they can't turn a blind eye to.

During the raid at Club Fetish, Houston police detectives found suspected prostitutes, drugs and guns.

That freaked me out, said neighbor Rudy Sura. All the guns and the drugs...what is the world going to?

Neighbors are determined to take back their neighborhood, but the fight is turning out to be more complicated than expected.

Residents who have lived in the area for decades have seen their share of rowdy clubs come and go, but they say this one takes it to a new level.

It's a circus, said neighbor Pierre Silvy. It is. That s scary to have that in our neighborhood.

They re not willing to accept the club's naked girls and clientele. And they can't understand why HPD's raid didn't close it down for good.

It's very frustrating when a place gets busted a handful of times for drugs, prostitution, guns and for some reason they continue to stay open, said one neighbor who wanted to remain anonymous. She fears club ownerscould retaliate.

The city attorney's office confirmed to KHOU 11 News that it is looking into Club Fetish.

Sources say the city is in the process of filing a public nuisance lawsuit against the club.

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