HOUSTON -- A Katy man says he's a victim of identity theft.

While carrying a white bag filled with thousands of dollars in gift cards, Karl Hoffner was caught by surveillance cameras walking out of a Target store in Spring and heading towards his car in the parking lot.

No it's not. I am much more handsome than that, Karl Hoffner laughed.

It indeed wasn't him. The real Karl Hoffner had become another victim of identity theft.

Houston police said the unknown suspect has been on a major shopping spree using unauthorized credit card accounts opened in Hoffner's name.

He not only received credit at Target, but also at Sears and Kohl s.

It was very frustrating, said Hoffner. I don t know when it's going to end.

Houston police said it appears the suspect started his crime spree after making a fake temporary driver's license using his own photo.

Investigators obtained a copy of it. It's not a clear picture, but they're hoping someone will recognize him.

The suspect's biggest purchase was made at the Bass Pro Shop in Katy. After applying and receiving credit, police said he purchased five $1,000 gift cards.

He then went back to the store a few days later and bought a red 2011 Arctic Cat Four-Wheeler.

I find it frankly alarming. I almost think some of these department stores are responsible for some of the theft that goes on because they make it so easy, said Hoffner.

With so many cases, Houston police can't thoroughly investigate them all. So Hoffner has been doing his own work spending more than 30 hours calling credit companies and filing reports.

Hoffner said he's not exactly sure how his ID was stolen.

If you have any information on this suspect, please call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

The Houston Police Department's website has lots of information on prevention and what to do in case you re an identity theft victim.

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