HOUSTON Guns, drugs, alcohol and nude women were found when an after-hours club in southwest Houston was raided early Wednesday, according to police.

Police have been trying to get the owners of Club Fetish, located in the 3000 block of Richmond at Fairdale, to get the proper licensing, but they never complied. So just after 2 a.m., law enforcement moved in. They found a laundry list ofviolations inside.

The club was packed with patrons eating, drinking alcohol and watching women dance nude, police said. The problem was, there were no permits for any of that activity.

Fetish has no liquor license, nor a sexually-oriented business permit for the nude dancing. In addition, they have no permit to cook and sell food out of the kitchen, which was a filthy mess, according to detectives.


Photos: Club raid reveals guns, drugs, filth


HFD fire marshals allegedly found numerous safety hazards, including bad wiring and overloaded extension cords. The back door was bolted shut, which made the place a possible fire trap, according to HFD.

The business has no occupancy permit, but the place was buzzing with people inside.

Police said they found drugsin the building,including cocaine, marijuana and codeine.They also recovered guns and found a loaded one hidden under a dance floor.

No one claimed ownership of anything.

The customers were checked and few, if any, were arrested, but a dozen dancers were taken to jail to face prostitution charges.

A man who claimed he represented the club said the raid was illegal and was in retaliationfor a complaint the club recently filed with HPD.

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