SAN ANTONIO -- A San Antonio man says he felt like a prisoner on vacation. He was forced into isolation on a Carnival cruise trip after contracting a contagious and possibly life-threatening illness.

For 48 hours, he says he was doubled over in pain and stuck in his room. His wife suspects the food was not properly inspected.

He was lying on the bathroom floor, sick as a dog, Michelle Skidmore said of her husband.

They quarantined him and told him he could not leave the ship, she said.

Before they boarded on March 3, she had second thoughts after seeing news coverage of what happened on the Carnival Triumph recently.

I just thought it's Carnival Magic. It's a bigger ship, Skidmore said. So the couple went on the trip. Things wer fine until the night she says the lobster dinner turned her husband violently ill.

Doctors diagnosed him with gastroenteritus, she said. Norovirus is the leading cause of gastroenteritis, a stomach flu.

I think it is a sanitation issue. I don't think there was a thorough food inspection, Skidmore said.

While Carnival provided health measures to take to avoid spreading it, that's little compensation for the Skidmores.

People can die, she said. This should not be taking lightly, and I hold Carnival repsonsible.

The Skidmores are demanding an apology, a $2,500 refund and better food inspections.

KENS 5 is waiting to learn what the company decides.

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