BRYAN, Texas -- New pictures of two Bryan firefighters severely burned nearly a month ago while trying to rescue a fellow firefighter trapped in a building fire show Ricky Matey, Jr., and Mitch Moran recovering at the University of Texas Medical Branch Burn Unit in Galveston.

Fellow firefighters Eric Wallace and Greg Pickard were killed in that Knights of Columbus Hall fire. Mantey and Moran have been undergoing treatment since the fire.

They would walk out of there right now if the doctors would let them, laughed Bryan Fire Chief Randy McGregor. He s is talking about two of his own.

Ricky Mantey, Jr., and Mitch Moran improve everyday while recovering in a Hospital in Galveston. The photos News 3 got Monday were taken on McGregor s last visit.

They re progressing, said McGregor.

It s a long road ahead, but again, their optimism is really uplifting for all of us, he continued.

McGregor said that each surgery the two firefighters go through sets them back a little. He says that s what happens with a recovery like this. McGregor says the two men are getting physical therapy and even cracking a few jokes. A welcome sign that these two men are along way from where they were when they arrived.

Just over three weeks ago that Bryan firefighters responded to the corner of Groesbeck and Palasota. The Knights of Columbus Hall was on fire. Two firefighters died in the blaze.

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