HOUSTON -- A small Delta jet ran off the tarmac at Hobby Airport just before sunrise early Monday.

Roughly 70 passengers were onboard at the time. No injuries were reported.

Aerial views from Air 11 showed the passenger jet partially sitting inthe grass. Several rescue vehicles surrounded it.

According to a passenger, Flight 4302 was scheduled to depart Hobby at 6 a.m. and land in Atlanta at 7:39 a.m. Central time.

While on the runway, passengers said they felt the plane jerk. They were told a gear mechanism malfunctioned.

Twenty minutes later, passengers were put on a bus to go back to the terminal. They said when they saw the plane it was parked off the runway and leaning left, with the landing gear stuck in the mud.

A lot of the stuff was not conveyed and explained what was going, said passenger Ashan Akhlaq over the phone. Everyone had questions. What's going to happen with the connecting flights? But they didn't answer. They said we're going to go back to the terminal and they will handle everything for all of us.

All passengers were rebooked on other planes.

Airline investigators planned to talk with the pilots to figure out what caused them to veer off the runway.

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