HOUSTON -- It s unclear if it was a dispute over the proper amount of veggies or a misunderstanding prompted by broken English, but a man and woman are in jail charged with robbing, kicking, and spitting on a Subway sandwich shop employee.

The incident happened January 18 at the Subway at the corner of Hillcroft and Bellaire in southwest Houston.

Store manager Leticia Guttierez says a man and woman ordered two sandwiches and argued over whether Guettierez had put enough vegetables on them.

Guttierez says she can t explain the reason for what happened next.

Because I give good service. Everything she tell me, everything I put in the sandwiches, Guttierez said.

She says the woman, identified as Brandi LaDawn Vance, 30, demanded Leticia write down her name so she could report Leticia for bad service. When Leticia refused she says Vance spat in her face and stormed out of the store with her partner, later identified as Bryan O Neal Jeter, 28.

I say I need to call police and the lady she say I don't care, said Guttierez. And I go to the outside with my cell phone I need to take picture because I need the car number.

Guttierez told police that s when Vance knocked her to the ground, kicked her in the face and stole her glasses and her cell phone and drove away with Jeter.

Without her glasses or her cell phone to take a picture of the vehicle, Guttierez wasn t able to a good description of the vehicle or license plate. But another Subway customer did, writing down the SUV description and Louisiana license plate number on a Subway napkin.

Vance and Jeter were arrested Tuesday. As of Friday night, they were still in the Harris County Jail held on a charge of robbery with bodily injury.

Guttierez never got her glasses or cell phone back. But she made sure she did take pictures of the injuries to her face, and pictures of the two sandwiches, just in case police needed that for evidence.

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