HOUSTON Thursday afternoon we got our first look at conditions inside Carnival Triumph as the ship neared Alabama.

Passengers were able to get a phone signal and starting sending out photos of what life was like on the ship while it was disabled in the Gulf this week.

After reports of sewage on the floors and walls, long lines for food, and using the restroom in bags many people labeled the trip as a nightmare. Many passengers shared photos of beds set up in makeshift tents on the ship s deck and in hallways.

A wide range of people turned to social media to vent their frustrations: both at Carnival and the media.

Cruise enthusiasts have defended the company, saying the trip wasn t a nightmare, it was just an inconvenience, and Carnival did the best it could.

As of noon Friday, the results of a survey on the KHOU 11 News Facebook page stood here:

23% HYPE - It wasn't as bad as it was made out to be
43% REAL - It was a nightmare; more could have been done
34% Somewhere in the middle

What do you think? After seeing the photos and hearing the stories, does the Carnival Triumph trip sound like a nightmare to you? Share your thoughts below and on the KHOU 11 News Facebook page.

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