SAN ANTONIO -- It was a dire situation: A 1-year-old boy was covered in ants and had a sudden reaction to the dreaded stings.

But miraculously for the boy's mother, heroes were nearby.

Trent Ott was playing with his brother in his yard last December when he got into some mulch that was infested with fire ants. They poured all over him.

As he and his brother tried to brush them off, they swarmed on him more.

His legs looked like they had black all over them, said his mother, Ashley Ott. There were so many on him that the bottom halves were covered.

Trent had more than 250 bites by the time his mother was able to get all of the ants off him.

Fire officials say it's best to call 911 and let emergency responders come to you, but his mother panicked. She grabbed her two boys and tried driving them to a clinic.

That s when she ran into a road block. An accident at a nearby intersection kept her from going anywhere.

The accident wasn t serious, but an ambulance and firefighters were at the scene.

The rescue crew rushed to Trent, where they treated him in his child seat in the back of the car. He was given two epinephrine shots and something to help him breathe.

Then, they rushed Trent to the ambulance and took him to the hospital, where he recovered quickly.

On Friday, Trent and his family dropped by the fire station to thank all of the firefighters for helping him.

They were there for a reason, Ashley Ott said. God put them there, and I am glad to be saying that.

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