HOUSTON - Two masked men were on the run early Friday after police said they used a truck to smash into the front of a Kroger store in the Heights.

It happened in the early morning hours at the Krogeron 20th and Yale. Employees in the store, which was closed at the time, heard the crash and called 911.

They said it appeared the men got out of the truck and moved some shopping carts out of the way before slamming the vehicleinto the front of the store repeatedly.

The Houston Police Department said the men then tried to take the store sCointstar machinebut sped away when they realized it was bolted to the ground.

Some employees were near the storefront when the break-in occurred, but no injuries were reported.

The white Ford truck was found nearby on 22nd street, but suspects weren t immediately located. Police said the truck was reported stolen.

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