HOUSTON -- The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo will be reissuing 5,000 concert tickets, thanks in part to an 11 News I-Team investigation.

It uncovered rodeo insiders had been up-selling their tickets. In some instances, they charged as much as $11,000 for a single ticket.

Buyers who purchased directly through the Reliant Center and Ticketmaster are not affected.

Those, however, who dealt directly with an individual may have something to worry about especially if they paid and have not yet received a ticket or seat assignment.

Rodeo chairman Leroy Shafer believes people who bought from major brokers may have recourse.

I think most of the national brokers are not going to charge people if they can t deliver the ticket, Shafer said. But if you go on the websites right now, you ll see literally hundreds of brokers out there. I wouldn t trust any of them.

Those who already have tickets in hand should also not worry, since none of the tickets being reissued were ever shipped out.

Viewers have been calling and e-mailing 11 News with questions. On Thursday, some were posed directly to rodeo chairman Leroy Shafer:

Q1: If I purchased my tickets for more than face value will I still be able to get into the show?

A: In all probability, your tickets are good. HLSR has canceled the purchase of around 5,000 tickets, as reported by several media Wednesday and Thursday, but those purchases were never processed and the tickets were never printed. The Show has invalidated some tickets, such as those purchased by a Channel 11 employee (reported on KHOU 11 News on Wednesday). The number of invalidated tickets is small and in all cases HLSR has notified the original purchaser of the invalidation.

Q2: I bought rodeo tickets on Stub Hub. I received them in the mail a few days ago. They have someone's name on them, but Stub Hub sent a letter enclosed with the tickets saying that is fine. Wondering if my tickets will still be good? Ugh - I hope so!

A: It is estimated that nearly 50 percent of the people attending HLSR rodeo/concert performances did not buy the tickets themselves. Most of given to them by family, friends, employers, clients, etc. So another name on the ticket does not mean that it is invalid. Only the original seller of the ticket (a transaction facilitated by Stub Hub) will know if the ticket is valid. In all probability it is, but there is no guarantee from HLSR.

Q3: I read the article about the season tickets for upcoming performances at the rodeo. I purchased two tickets for the Pitbull concert. The face value on the ticket is $24.00. I bought two tickets from, I assume is a season ticket holder, by the name of XXXXX @ $50.00 each.

A: Thanks for giving us the name. We will check this out.

Q4: My question is, will my tickets be re-sold for that performance? I don't want to go to the concert & be turned away. Then I would've been screwed out of $126.00

A: Not sure about this question? Is it a follow up on question three or is it stand alone? If it is stand alone, then refer to answers 1 & 2. If it is a follow up of question three, we are in the process of checking out ####.

Q5: The Bruno Mars concert is sold out. Is it possible I can buy them now? There was no way I was going to pay over $90 to get bad seats.

A: Bruno Mars only has scattered singles available. We have 18 performances with lots of seats available, some of which have seats at nearly every level.

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