SAN ANTONIO -- A woman with a criminal history dating back three decades says she was able to pass a background check and sign up as a caregiver on

Toni Stringfellow, who admits to being convicted of forgery, theft, prescription fraud and other crimes, said she signed up to be a caregiver through the website after being released from prison late last year.

Stringfellow says she was scammed out of more than $1,600 after a man inquired about her services as a nanny and sent her a check to deposit into her bank account.

Before the check posted, the same man convinced Stringfellow to withdraw $1,500 and send a Western Union money order to another man in California to pay for toys for his child.

The bank contacted Stringfellow last week and informed her the original check was bad.

I never knew what it was like to be a victim before, Stringfellow said.

KENS 5 contacted's public relations department for more information on Stringfellow's profile.

A representative from the department told us Stringfellow never became a hired caregiver because of issues with her verification check.

The representative refused to go into specific details.

Monday, the website issued a statement which said Stringfellow's profile is not active and it has no record of her being hired as a caregiver.

However, Toni says she has corresponded through emails and telephone calls with several people she met through

A closer examination of's website reveals a statement from the site that states its background checks are not 100 percent accurate.

After our original story aired Friday, several people contacted KENS 5 claiming to be past victims of Stringfellow.

Every time she gets out she opens new credit cards using my social security number, said Teresa Hudson Stringfellow, who showed KENS 5 documents of wrongdoing at the hands of Toni dating back to 1983.

Toni Stringfellow is married to Teresa Hudson Stringfellow's ex-husband.

We called Stringfellow to ask her about her criminal past and she admitted to her past wrongdoings, but says she still did not deserve to be scammed.

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