BAYTOWN, Texas --Many parents know how easily toddlers can get away from them. What is still not known is how a 3-year old girl slipped away from her home and into the street on Saturday.

It happened in the 2300 block of Kilgore Road in Baytown.

The driver of a Dodge Durango clipped the girl before ultimately striking a mailbox. He was later cited for driving without insurance.

Witnesses say the girl was alert at the scene, but appeared to suffer from a bump on her head and scratches on her face.

She was taken by Life Flight for further observation in stable condition.

People living along the street say there is a history of drivers going too fast and not paying attention.

There s a lot of little kids around this area, Bess Hadley said. I have a 2-year old nephew that we bring out once in a while and you know we re set back off the road but it be scary for him to be you know in that situation. It would be terrible.

Some neighbors say the area could use more signage. There is no sign for kids or even the speed limit in the stretch of road where the accident happened.

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